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Download: macOS | Windows | iOS | Android
* Be sure to update Orba's firmware whenever prompted by the app. Firmware updating requires a cabled connection to either the macOS or Windows versions of the Orba app.
* Android users can also download the mobile app directly here.

Release Notes


Please be sure to update your firmware as well.

  • • A progress bar has been added to show when your Orba is synchronizing with the app. The first time you do connect, this may take up to a minute via USB connection and up to five minutes via Bluetooth LE MIDI connection. Once completed, your presets will load quickly and easily from there on out.
  • • This version also includes several bug fixes.

Known Issues:

  • • [Android only] Importing audio files for custom presets does not work, but we’re aware of the problem and working on a fix.

The new Orba 2 app is here! Connect wirelessly, explore hundreds of real instrument presets, create loops, customize your instrument, and beyond.

This is Artiphon’s new companion app for Orba 2 that lets you:

  • • Connect your Orba 2 wirelessly using MIDI over Bluetooth.
  • • Explore and play hundreds of new sounds, as well as change keys, and tunings.
  • • Record entire songs and loops with Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead parts.
  • • Create your own instruments and sample any sound in the world.
  • • Customize your sounds by adjusting individual part volume, add reverb and delay, and more.
  • • Perfect your song by adding Quantize, which snaps your musical phrases to the beat so that every moment fits perfectly into the groove.

The Orba 2 app allows you to choose between over a hundred new audio-based presets. Including sounds inspired by genres like Trap, RnB, Electro-pop, Lofi, and more. With Orba 2, you can now play instruments like electric guitars and upright pianos, as well as more adventurous sounds like vocals, found sounds, and custom artist songs. Imagine conducting an orchestra in the park with no strings attached and no screens required.

We’re also pleased to be introducing an all new sampling feature, which lets you make your own instruments. With the press of a button in the Orba 2 App, everything around you can be turned into an Orba preset. A bicycle bell, a bird singing, or your roommate’s amazing voice can all be played, looped, and shared as a musical melody. Transferring your sample from your device to Orba 2 requires a cabled USB connection.

You’ll also use your Orba 2 app to explore the new quantize feature, which snaps your musical phrases to the beat so that every moment fits perfectly into the groove. In addition, you’ll be able to mix the volume of your individual parts, add reverb and delay, and more.

What’s new?
This Orba 2 companion app is designed to work exclusively with the new Orba 2 by Artiphon. It features multiple upgrades, including a colorful visualizer, hundreds of new sounds, and the ability to create your own instruments by sampling the world around you.

Artiphon - Downloads (2)

Download: macOS | Windows | iOS | Android
* Be sure to update Orba's firmware whenever prompted by the app. Firmware updating requires a cabled connection to either the macOS or Windows versions of the Orba app.
* Windows users encountering errors installing the Windows app should consult these steps.
* Android users can also download the mobile app directly here.

Release Notes


Minor bug fixes.

Orba FIRMWARE Version 0.15.13

Please be sure to update your firmware as well:

  • • We have fixed several crashes when using the looper. You might not have noticed this unless you went crazy with multi-part layering.
  • • We've also made the volume buttons respond faster. This way, you can turn up to 11 even quicker.
  • • And we fixed some issues with battery charging.

Get the most out of your Orba with the Orba companion app from Artiphon. Designed to take your everyday music-making even further, the Orba app offers endless customization with an easy-to-use interface.

Connect wirelessly using MIDI over Bluetooth or wired using USB-C. Then explore a library of Songs and Presets that feature different sounds, tunings, and tempos. Record loops, then easily save, edit, and organize your creations – even add custom artwork for each track.

(Video) New sounds for download on #orba2 by #artiphon

Artiphon - Downloads (3)

Download: macOS | Windows PC

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Editor is an interface for customizing the settings of your INSTRUMENT 1. Combine techniques, tunings, and features to create and save custom presets. Control how your INSTRUMENT 1 interfaces with MIDI-enabled software (such as GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and more) on your Mac or PC.

Learn more about the Editor in the INSTRUMENT 1 Manual.


Artiphon - Downloads (4)

Download: iOS

This is the iOS companion app for the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. Connect the INSTRUMENT 1 device to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod using the provided USB-to-Lightning cable, download the Artiphon app, and immediately start exploring an intuitive palette of musical sounds, techniques, and features.

Artiphon - Downloads (5)


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Introducing Orbasynth, the desktop version of Orba’s internal synthesis engine. Use Orbasynth to create, modulate and export your very own Orba presets. You can even map Orba’s gesture set to parameters of your choosing, giving you the freedom to control multiple effects simultanteously.

(Video) Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 Max Patch

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Download: iOS


🎶📱 New Onscreen Playing
  • With new onscreen playing, Orbacam 2.0 just became the first virtual instrument that lets you create music and record videos at the same time!
♻️ Mix and match
  • We’ve also added new sounds and visuals that you can mix and match any way you’d like.

Orbacam lets you create on-the-fly musical selfies, soundtrack your world, and turn everyday moments into Fantasia-like dreamscapes. Add a beautiful melody to your coffee break in the park. Sync a driving beat to your skate video – with a song you made yourself. Or turn otherwise dull moments into musical jokes for your friends and followers. You can even score your memories by importing videos and photos right from your camera roll.


Download: GarageBand | Logic Pro

Here is a collection of our favorite factory sounds from GarageBand and Logic Pro – organized in a session to work perfectly with Orba right out of the box. Each set of sounds is grouped by color – the drums are green, the basses are blue, etc. – to match the modes on Orba. When you select your instrument channel, be sure to change to the same mode on Orba, and everything will be mapped out for you and ready to go.

This session is available for GarageBand and Logic Pro. Both versions share the same sounds and track layout, but the Logic Pro version has a few additional settings, MIDI routings, and customizations.

Artiphon - Downloads (8)

(Video) Orba 2 by Artiphon | Sample Your Voice

This Ableton Live session is custom tailored to leverage Orba’s unique interface and gesture set. It has all of the MIDI channel routing pre-set, as well as some sounds loaded, mixed, and mapped to gestures. It also includes various loop-length clips so you can record using Ableton’s looper.

Artiphon - Downloads (9)

Welcome to your Orba FL Studio template. We’ve picked out three different instruments for each mode on Orba. When you select your instrument channel, be sure to change to the same mode on Orba, and everything will be mapped out for you ready to go.

Artiphon - Downloads (10)


Artiphon - Downloads (11)

For those of you who have Ableton with Max for Live, this custom Max for Live device allows you to isolate and map individual gestures to MIDI mappable parameters.

Special thanks to our collaborator, Odie DeSmith, for developing this utility tool



These Utility Presets are designed to isolate Orba's MIDI output to a single gesture at a time, allowing you to map each multi-dimensional gesture in your DAW with precision.

Artiphon - Downloads (12)

For additional help, you can download the user manual here.

(Video) Orba 2 vs. Orba 1 – What's the difference between? – Orba by Artiphon


Download: GarageBand | Logic Pro

These sounds were selected and customized by the Artiphon staff to work especially well with the INSTRUMENT 1. If you’re new to GarageBand, this is a good place to get started. If you’re already savvy with Apple music-making software, this project can act as a jumping-off point and a place to get ideas for making fun sounds on the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1.

Artiphon - Downloads (13)

Download: macOS

These sounds were chosen to match the default presets on the INSTRUMENT 1. Turn on MIDI Program changes in the INSTRUMENT 1 Editor and when you press the preset knob, these instruments will automatically change. This is a great way to perform live using a variety of technique and sounds.

Artiphon - Downloads (14)

Download: GarageBand | Logic Pro

This GarageBand session contains nine sounds that all work seamlessly with I1 Tilt. Turn on this feature and move the INSTRUMENT 1 up & down to control these sounds in new expressive ways.

Artiphon - Downloads (15)

Download: macOS | Windows

Additionally, you’ll need to download Kontakt’s Factory Selection Library which can be found here.

The Native Instruments Kontakt Player is a free sampler for PC and Mac that can be used to play virtual instruments with the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1. The Artiphon Staff Picks download for Kontakt Player features sounds selected by the Artiphon team and have been configured to work especially well with the INSTRUMENT 1.

Artiphon - Downloads (16)

This Ableton Live session is a template for using MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) with the INSTRUMENT 1. By setting up six individual instances of an Ableton virtual instrument, you can use string bending or fretless mode to independently bend the pitch of strings and control channel pressure. This additional setup is only necessary for independently controlling pitch bend or channel pressure, otherwise the INSTRUMENT 1 will work normally with just one instance of an Ableton virtual instrument.

Artiphon - Downloads (17)

Max is a visual programming language used by artists, educators, researchers and anyone who wants to take their sights and sounds to new heights. Use the Artiphon Max patch as a template to access all of the MIDI data sent from the INSTRUMENT 1 in a controlled, organized, and visual way. Route the INSTRUMENT 1 to trigger custom synths, video manipulation tools, and any of the limitless possibilities made possible within the Max programming environment. This patch takes care of all of the preliminary routing so you can start creating right away.

Artiphon - Downloads (18)

(Video) Introducing Orba by Artiphon – An instrument designed for your hands


How do you save songs on Orba? ›

To start, select the pencil-shaped icon at the top of the screen, just to the right of the song name. You can also select between a handful of images, or upload your own. Finally, select Save to Browser to save the song to your Orba app. Now you can reaccess it anytime!

What apps work with Orba? ›

Use Orba with GarageBand, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio, as well as any MIDI-compatible mobile app. Orba is fully compliant with the new standard for MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), making it capable of multiple independent note expressions.

Does Orba work with Windows? ›

Orba by Artiphon | Portable synth, looper, and MIDI controller | iOS, Mac, Windows, PC | Bluetooth or USB MPE MIDI.

How do I update Orba Artiphon? ›

How do I update Orba's Firmware? Print
  1. In the Orba app, open the Settings panel by clicking the A icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. In the settings panel, click the cloud icon next to the text Firmware Update. ...
  3. Let the app take care of the rest!
29 Nov 2021

How do I add my own sounds to Orba? ›

Here's how to record and make your own sample presets.
  1. Connect Orba 2 to the app via Bluetooth or USB.
  2. Navigate to the Sample screen in the app.
  3. Tap the Microphone icon to start recording. ...
  4. You can press the preview arrow to hear the recording played back.
  5. Give the preset a custom name by tapping in the name field.
16 Sept 2022

Is Orba any good? ›

This instrument has a lot of things going for it. It's portable, easy to play, and it's not overly expensive. If you've ever had the desire to create music but didn't know or want to learn musical theory, the Orba might be your gateway instrument into a brand new hobby.

Does Orba work with Android? ›

You can use Orba using MIDI over Bluetooth on macOS, iOS, and Android. You connect via USB-C on macOS, Windows, and Android.

What does Orba mean? ›

Orba (river), a torrential stream in northern Italy. Orba (Irish mythology), a High King of Ireland. Orba (satellite), also known as X-2, was intended to be the first satellite launched by a British rocket. The New Order regime of Indonesia, commonly known as Orba.

How do I update the firmware on my stage power meter? ›

To update power meter firmware: Open the Stages Cycling app and select your Stages power meter from the Devices menu or add it as a new device. The firmware version will display a red alert symbol if the power meter requires an update. To initiate an update, select Firmware, then select Update.

How do I record with Orba 2? ›

Get a feel for Orba by tapping on the eight playing pads. Press the A button to change between Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead modes. Holding the A button acts as a menu function. For instance, if you hold A and press Pad 6 - REC, Orba will start recording.

Can you sample with Orba? ›

With Orba 2's newly designed sound engine, it is now possible to play real instrument sounds and anything else you can find, taking your creativity to new heights.

Where can I get Sounds for editing? ›

Best websites to download sound effects for video editing
  • Mixkit. Mixkit is a platform run by Envato, one of the biggest stock audio and stock video marketplaces on the internet. ...
  • Zapsplat. ...
  • PremiumBeat. ...
  • Envato Elements. ...
  • FindSounds. ...
  • Partners In Rhyme. ...
  • Free Sound. ...
  • SoundBible.
17 Aug 2022

Where can I store my downloaded music? ›

Google Drive has support for third-party audio players as well as file conversion software. Meanwhile, is the best overall cloud storage and comes with built-in music player on mobile apps.

What's the difference between adding music to Library and Downloading? ›

It is automatically add ton your library if you download. Adding to the library you can stream without it being on the phone that is the only difference.

How many sounds does an Orba have? ›

You can choose from 10 drum kits, 10 basses, 12 chord sounds and nine lead instruments.

How do I use Bluetooth Orba? ›

1. Click the Orba icon in the upper-right corner of the app to pull up the Orba Connection window. 2. Select Bluetooth LE MIDI and choose the Orba device from the window that follows.

How do I connect my Orba to a Bluetooth speaker? ›

Although Orba does send MIDI over Bluetooth, it does not send audio over Bluetooth. This means you won't be able to connect it to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The latency inherent to current Bluetooth audio specifications interferes with the instrument's playability.

What does assailing eyes mean? ›

to impinge upon; make an impact on; beset. His mind was assailed by conflicting arguments. The light assailed their eyes.

What does Blins mean? ›

Definition of blin

: a thin often buckwheat pancake usually filled (as with sour cream) and folded.

What does asyet mean? ›

phrase. You use as yet with negative statements to describe a situation that has existed up until the present time. [formal] As yet it is not known whether the crash was the result of an accident.

What synths does Billie Eilish use? ›

According to sE Electronics' website, Eilish uses the V7 MC1 live.

Is it OK to leave synths on? ›

Its fine to leave them on. Electronic components can withstand a lot, they're made to work 24/7. The only thing that might wear out is the backup battery.

What synths did Daft Punk use? ›

For early live shows, Daft Punk would utilise LinnDrum and Roland TR-909 drum machines alongside a Roland Juno-106 and TB-303 for synths. In a 2001 interview with the French Keyboard magazine, Daft Punk listed the following pieces of gear used on Discovery: Synthesizers: Roland Juno-106.

How do you save digital music files? ›

The most obvious answer is to store your files on your computer's local hard drive or solid-state drive (SSD). This is advantageous as it leaves your files easily accessible to you for any reason. Another common option is to store your music on an external drive.

How do I save music to my MP3 player? ›

Drag the songs to the Mp3 player.

Most Mp3 players will allow you to drag an entire folder (or folders) to the device, so don't panic if you you're your files neatly organized by artist. Highlight the files drag them to the other File Explorer screen (the one open to the Music folder on your Mp3 device).

Can you record with Orba? ›

Using the Orba 2 app (available for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android), you'll record using the mobile (or desktop) device's microphone.

How long can you record on a looper? ›

Most multi-FX pedals with loopers only store 30-60 seconds. Instead, you could buy a phrase loop pedal. Even some loopers only go up to 5 minute loop time though, so you'd need one such as the BOSS RC-series or DigiTech JamMan series that have flash storage and allow more recording time.

How do I connect my Orba to my computer? ›

You connect via USB-C on macOS, Windows, and Android. Simply connect the included USB-C to USB-A cable to your computer. Macs with USB-C inputs will require a USB-C to USB-C cable or an adapter. The simplest way to connect via Bluetooth is through the Orba app.

What is the best way to save music from CDS? ›

I would recommend storing your music collection on a separate hard drive, while an NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive makes your music accessible over the internet for wireless streaming.

Where is the best place to store my music? ›

Here are some of the best cloud storage solutions for your songs: Don't worry, they're all free to use, too!
  • Google Play. Out of the major brands, Google Play offers one of the most versatile free cloud storage for music. ...
  • iCloud. ...
  • Amazon Cloud Player. ...
  • Synology Audio Station. ...
  • StreamNation. ...
  • My Music Cloud.
27 Jun 2022

What is best digital audio file? ›

A lossless audio file format is the best format for sound quality. These include FLAC, WAV, or AIFF. These types of files are considered “hi-res” because they are better or equal to CD-quality.

Can you export playlist? ›

You can export a playlist—for example, if you want to save a copy of the playlist, or import it on a different computer so you have the same playlist in both places. You can also export information about a song (or songs) to use in a database or in another app.

How do I convert my playlist to a File? ›

Follow these steps to export to the Text file of your Spotify playlists and create backups of your tracklists to share.
  1. In your Library, select the Playlists category Playlists Tab.
  2. Select the playlist to export and use () or right click > Export as File.
  3. Select Text format to export.

How do I download music to my MP3 player without a computer? ›

Option 1: Get a MicroSD card which is compatible to your MP3 player device. Then insert that MicroSD card in other device from where you want to copy the files. Now your MicroSD card is fully loaded with the mp3 files that you need. Put that loaded MicroSD card in your MP3 player.


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