Instrumentation and Control Technician (2022)

Credential: JourneyPerson
Length: 4 periods

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Instrumentation and Control Technician (1)

Upcoming information session

Upcoming information sessions

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Start date

    Oct 24, 2022

Delivery options for domestic students

  • On-Campus
  • Weekdays Ongoing

Start date

    Aug 29, 2022

Delivery options for domestic students

  • On-Campus
  • Weekdays Ongoing

Start date

    Delivery options for domestic students

    • On-Campus
    • Weekdays Ongoing

    Delivery options for domestic students

    • On-Campus
    • Weekdays Ongoing

    Delivery options

    On-Campus Day* - Your course activity is done in-person Monday - Friday, before 6 PM.

    On-Campus Evening/Weekend - Your course activity is done in person on weekdays from 6 PM or later, or Saturdays and Sundays.

    Online Day* - Your course activity is done online Monday - Friday, before 6 PM.

    Online Evening/Weekend - Your course activity is done online on weekdays from 6 PM or later, or Saturdays and Sundays.

    Online Flexible Delivery - Your course activity is not scheduled and therefore you can determine when to do the coursework.

    Blended Delivery - Both On-Campus and Online - Some of your coursework will be in-person, on-campus and some will be done online.

    * There may be circumstances that require some day delivery of classes to be scheduled into the evenings.

    Please note due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these delivery options may shift from term to term. Please consult your program for details on delivery options.

    Program length

    Estimated program length is based on the recommended course load per semester as outlined in the Courses tab.

    Actual program length will vary based on the number of courses/credits successfully completed per semester.

    International Students

    This program meets the eligibility criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit program for international students as long as the student is enrolled in the on-campus delivery mode or completes more than 50% of the courses on campus (for the blended option).

    International students attending all classes online will NOT be eligible for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. International students are responsible for maintaining their eligibility throughout their studies.

    International Students

    This program is available to international students, however, program availability may be limited. This program does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit program.

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    Learn to install, maintain and repair the measuring and control devices used in industrial and commercial processing.

    If you are detail orientated and have an aptitude for math, science and technology, you'll enjoy a career as an instrumentation and control technician.

    You'll work with a wide variety of pneumatic, electronic and microcomputer devices used to measure and control pressure, flow, temperature, level, motion, force, and chemical composition.
    Throughout your career, you'll consult manufacturers' manuals to determine test and maintenance procedures as well as use pneumatic, electrical and electronic testing devices to inspect and test instrument and system operation and diagnose faults.

    You'll practice loss management principles, consult with and advise process operators, repair, maintain and adjust system components or remove and replace defective parts, conduct risk assessments, calibrate and maintain components and instruments according to manufacturers' specifications, work with engineers on basic designs, install and maintain instruments on new or existing plant equipment and processes and interpret and use appropriate CSA, ISA and API installation standards and practices.

    This is a non-compulsory trade – individuals can work in the trade without certification if the employer deems the individual to have the skills of a journeyperson. However, individuals who are working and learning the trade must become a registered apprentice.

    Is this the right fit for me?

    Students who have the following characteristics see greater success in the instrumentation trade:

    • the ability to pay careful attention to details
    • good communication and reading skills
    • manual dexterity and patience
    • the ability to use proper lifting techniques to lift between 11 and 25 kilograms
    • good mathematical, scientific, mechanical and logical reasoning abilities
    • the ability and desire to keep up-to-date with technological developments in the field
    • a commitment to safe work habits


    Upon successfully completing the required working hours and apprenticeship education periods, graduates will be awarded journeyperson status by Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

    This is a Red Seal Endorsed trade — a recognizable standard that allows tradespeople to work across Canada.

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    Career opportunities

    Start your career by finding an employer who is willing to indenture you as an apprentice. With the industry becoming increasingly automated, instrumentation and control technicians are needed virtually anywhere there are control and metering systems.

    You will be employed in some of the following industries:

    • Pulp and paper processing
    • Hydropower generation
    • Mining, petrochemical and natural gas
    • Industrial and commercial manufacturing
    • Industrial construction
    • Industrial instrument servicing

    After becoming a journeyperson, you may advance to supervisory positions or take on new apprentices. Some instrumentation and control technicians become engineering technicians or move into company sales offices. Some journeypersons go on to run their own businesses – we can help you build your business with our Blue Seal business certificate.

    Instrumentation and Control Technician (2)

    $30 - $55

    Average hourly wage

    Instrumentation and Control Technician (3)


    Periods of training

    Tuition and fees per year*

    • Period 1:$1,263
    • Period 2:$1,263
    • Period 3:$1,521
    • Period 4:$1,521

    Full costs 2022/23

    *Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change


    Entrance requirements for all apprenticeship programs are set by Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

    • Admission requirements

    When do classes start?

    Registration for the 2022/23 academic year opens May 11, 2022.

    PeriodStart dateEnd date
    1Aug. 29, 2022Oct. 21, 2022
    2Oct. 24, 2022Dec. 16, 2022
    4Jan. 3, 2023March 10, 2023
    3 or 4March 13, 2023May 19, 2023
    • How to register

    Admission and completion

    To enter an apprenticeship, you must have the educational qualifications required or recommended education for the trade to which you apply.

    Entrance requirements are monitored and set by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

    Minimum requirements

    Successful completion of the following courses:

    • English 20-2
    • Math 30-3
    • Physics 30 and Chemistry 30


    A pass mark in all five Canadian General Educational Development (GED) tests


    Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Entrance Exam

    Recommended path

    Apprentices with an Alberta High School Diploma that includes the following courses:

    • English 30-2
    • Math 30-3
    • Physics 30 and Chemistry 30 and Science 30
    • Related career and technology studies (CTS) courses

    How to register

    Registration for apprenticeship education is run through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training. Learn how you can register for your next intake.

    Apprenticeship and Industry Training Client Services

    Suite 200 Willow Park Centre
    10325 Bonaventure DR. SE
    Calgary, AB

    After you register

    Email is the primary source of communication after you have registered for your intake. Please ensure your personal email account is managed appropriately to receive our emails, files and communications. We recommend you add the domain to your safe senders' list or you risk missing critical email messages.

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    The term of apprenticeship for instrumentation and control technicians is four years (four 12-month periods), including a minimum of 1560 hours of on-the-job training and eight weeks of apprenticeship education at SAIT in the first and second years, and a minimum of 1500 hours of on-the-job training and 10 weeks of apprenticeship education at SAIT in the third and fourth years.

    Instrumentation and Control Technician (4)

    apprenticeship education performance

    To be successful in apprenticeship education, an apprentice must pass each section of the course and pass the AIT exam. The passing grade for each section in the course is a 65%. A passing mark on each provincial exam Exam and the Interprovincial Qualification (or Red Seal Exam) is 70%.

    Alberta's Apprenticeship and Industry Training procedures

    Costs 2022/23

    Tuition and fees*

    PeriodTuition feesSAIT feesSaitsa feesTotal

    SAIT fees

    Campus recreation fee:$49
    Lab and material fee: $82
    Student support fee: $50
    Student technology fee:$50

    Books and supplies*

    • Books or modules along with other items for class average out to $600 per period.
    • It is recommended that you do not purchase books or modules ahead of time as they might be outdated by the time you attend classes and they cannot be returned to the bookstore.
    • Personal Protective Equipment will be required for the program, which may be an additional cost to apprentices.

    *Tuition, fees, books and supply costs are subject to change.

    Learn more about paying for your apprenticeship >

    Have questions about this program?

    Contact us at
    MacPhail School of Energy

    Contact us at
    Apprenticeship and Industry Training Client Services


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