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Kathy Bloomer’s New York Times crossword, “Le Puzzle” —Nate’s write-up

Wait, is this a miracle? Multiple Sunday NYT puzzles in a row written by women?! I’ll take it! Here’s to hopefully many, many more.

The title of this week’s puzzle implies that we’re about to get le-d. Let’s take a look:

Sunday, October 2, 2022 | (1)

10.02.22 Sunday New York Times Puzzle

(Video) Sunday Catholic Mass Today | Daily TV Mass, Sunday October 2, 2022

– 22A: TRICKLE QUESTION [“When will the leaky faucet get fixed?,” e.g.?]
– 106A: ALL OVER THE MAPLE [Where you’d find sap for syrup?]
– 3D: SKIPS A BEATLE [Says “John, Paul … and Ringo”?]
– 15D: STARTLE DATE [Show up naked, perhaps?]
– 31D: WORDLE OF MOUTH [M _ U _ H?]
– 34D: LOTTERY PICKLE [Loss of the winning ticket?]
– 60D: PALACE COUPLE [King and queen?]
– 63D: CLASS TRIPLE [The three R’s?]

Each of our themers has gained an additional LE for comedic effect, and I really liked the inventiveness of many of these entries! WORDLE OF MOUTH has to be my favorite just for how incredibly current (and on brand!) it feels, and CLASS TRIPLE was a fun transformation to describe a super common phrase. STARTLE DATE felt a bit stilted (and the clue felt a bit unwanted sexual advance-y) and coups never feel quite fun to joke about, especially after January 6th, so I wasn’t as keen on PALACE COUPLE either. That said, a fun idea explored to largely solid effect in my eyes.

Other random thoughts:
– Aside from a few partials and other bits (AGIN, I LAY, TNOTE), this grid felt quite clean and led to a super quick solve time for me! I hope it felt super smooth for you, too.
1A: ASSHAT [Complete jerk] – Now that’s certainly a way to start off a puzzle!
28A: HORMEL [Spam generator] – Okay, this was cute.
116A: KNEELS [Protests, in a way] – And what a fantastic way to end the puzzle, too.

What did you think? Can you come up with any -LE transformations that could make for fun themers? The first thing that pops to mind is [Story of a woman’s trip to Pamplona?] for LADY AND THE TRAMPLE, but that’s quite grim! Let me know what you come up with. For now, be well and have a great week.


Sunday, October 2, 2022 | (2)

Dan Feyer on Jeopardy!

PS – Another fun aside! Last week, I was lucky enough to be on Wheel of Fortune. This coming week, crossword legend/icon and editor of cryptics at The Browser, Dan Feyer, will be a contestant on Jeopardy! Tune in on Friday, October 7th to see him in action. :D

Ross Trudeau’s Universal Sunday crossword, “Watch the Commercials!”—Jim P’s review

The revealer is SKIP AD (106d, [Button over a YouTube video interruption, and a hint to interpreting each starred clue]). The clues to the theme answers should be read after eliminating the letters AD found therein.

(Video) Daily Reading for Sunday, October 2nd, 2022 HD

Universal Sunday crossword solution · “Watch the Commercials!” · Ross Trudeau · 10.2.22

  • 22a. [*Valedictory address] ACADEMIC REGALIA. Valedictory dress.
  • 33a. [*Places for construction site advisors] WELDING HELMETS. Visors.
  • 53a. [*Passionate adoration] FIERY SERMON. Oration.
  • 65a. [*Adverse event] POETRY READING. Verse.
  • 77a. [*Adrift at sea] MID-OCEAN RIDGE. Rift.
  • 93a. [*Advantage point in tennis] UMPIRE CHAIR. Vantage.
  • 107a. [*Embarrassing advice] GUILTY PLEASURE. Vice.
  • 125a. [*Addiction specialist] SPEECH THERAPIST. Diction.

I was floundering with the theme for about a third of the solve. I’m not sure what clicked, but suddenly I had my aha moment well before I got to the revealer. My initial reaction was disappointment because we just saw this gimmick two days ago in the Friday daily puzzle (titled “Don’t Start With Me!”). Plus, I was hitting entries like SALE DAY which I’m not sure is a thing and DO SAY which I know people don’t say. (They do say [“Pray tell!”] or “Do tell!”.)

Since I’d already grokked the theme, I wasn’t looking for or expecting a revealer. Thus, when I stumbled upon it, it caught me by surprise, and a welcome one at that because it was spot on. Every time I turn to a YouTube clip and I’m anticipating seeing the video I want, an ad shows up and I start looking for that cherished SKIP AD button.

Then I started appreciating the theme clues. Take [*Advantage point in tennis] for example with the answer UMPIRE CHAIR. “Advantage” and “point” are words used in tennis, so the clue seems like it might make sense. But the fact that the clue is actually “Vantage point in tennis” to refer to that lofty perch, the UMPIRE CHAIR, feels sublime. Similarly, a “Valedictory address” is a real thing, as is an “Addiction specialist.” But so are their AD-less versions. Really, this is some lovely cluing.

And there’s plenty to like in the fill despite my earlier misgivings. Favorites includeANGELICA,FROZEN SOLID, “IT’S GONE!,” CHEAP EATS, CAR STEREO, EX-LOVERS, OBAMANIA, DIET SODA, and “I MADE IT!”

Other clues of note:

  • 8a. [Alan born Alphonso D’Abruzzo]. ALDA. As many times as I’ve seen his name in crosswords, I didn’t know it was a stage name. It’s also interesting that the name comes from the first two letters of his first name and surname.
  • 4d. [“Totally awesome!”]. SO DOPE. Do young people still say this? It feels dated to me and I wanted the clue to reflect that, but maybe I’m misjudging it.
  • 42d. [Ride-or-die pal]. BFF. “Ride-or-die” is new to me. It’s current slang meaning someone with whom you’d “ride out the storm.”Here’s more on its meaning, including its origins. Can also be used as a noun.

Very nice puzzle. I just wish it was farther removed from the Friday puzzle with a similar gimmick. Four stars.

Zhouqin Burnikel’s USA Today Crossword, “Roll Back” — norah’s write-up

THEME: All answers have the word ROLL spanning BACKwards through a phrase, thus the title “Roll Back”


Sunday, October 2, 2022 | (4)

Z. Burnikel, USAT, 10-2-2022

(Video) Sunday, October 2, 2022
  • THATS A TALL ORDER (17A: “I’ll see what I can do, but…”)
  • FULL ORCHESTRA (27A: Symphony group)
  • PILL ORGANIZER (60A: Multiday, multidose medicine container)

This was a super breezy (even pre-coffee!) solve this morning. Animal facts? Sign me up! And a nice theme that works really well – THATS A TALL ORDER is a great find. (and also gives me another theme idea or two…)


  • BALI (5A: Island two miles east of Java) Bali is home to the gorgeousSacred Monkey Forest Sanctuarywhich is part natural rainforest, part primate reserve, and part Hindu temple complex
  • OHIO (13A: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s state) 2022 Inductees include Carly Simon and Dolly Parton
  • OSLO (63A: Norway’s largest city) The city of Oslo is a leader in reducing urban carbon emissions. In September 2021, the number of electric vehicles entering Oslo was higher than the number of fossil-fueled vehicles. They plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 95% from 1990 levels by 2030.
  • SOCAL (53D: Orange County’s location, familiarly). Did you all seeAlbert Pujols hit home run #700last weekend at Dodger Stadium?
  • DENS (70A: Lairs for raccoons) Like most animals who make dens, the primary function is to provide a safe location for birthing and caring for young. Raccoons, however, are one species that is very quick to abandon a den and can move every day or two if startled.Look at this adorable video of baby raccoons.
  • ZITI (60D: Pasta often baked with three cheeses) Ah, yes. TheTikTok pasta.
  • GNAW (59A: Chew like a gopher) Gophers, like all rodents, have teeth that never stop growing. Due to an enamel imbalance, they grow with an inward curve, allowing the animal to gnaw endlessly. This is why it’s important to provide your pet rodents with healthy chew toys.

I learned about:

  • ZOEY (33A: “The Politician” actress Deutch) I didn’t recognize her name but when I looked her up I realized that I know her from “Not Okay” and “Zombieland: Double Tap.”
  • DOOM (21A: Doctor ___ (Fantastic Four foe)) Doctor Doom is a comic villain who can manipulate energy and electricity. He has been seen in many iterations of comic books, movies, television series, and video games since his first appearance in 1962.
  • AKITA (41D: Spitz breed with catlike feet) I admit, I had no idea what this clue meant. Cat-like feet? It’s true! Described as “well-knuckled” with “webbed toes to help walk on snow“, they sure do look like kitty paws! Look how cute :)

Sunday, October 2, 2022 | (5)


Two reviews for the price of one today; I’m also writing this puzzle up for Sally’s Take.

Thank you Zhouqin!

Evan Birnholz’s Washington Post crossword, “Building Blocks”—Matthew’s write-up

Evan builds us up and breaks us back down today. Our revealer is neatly in the middle of the themers:

  • 23a [Subject of Russell Miller’s biography “Bare-Faced Messiah”] L RON HUBBARD
  • 39a [Thomas Malory work about a legendary king] LE MORT D’ARTHUR
  • 49a [Squat, e.g.] LEG EXERCISE
  • 66a [Building block that may be inserted into or removed from a set one by one (as seen in the starred answers’ first words)] LEGO BRICK
  • 89a [Confidence builders] EGO BOOSTERS
  • 95a [Finish spectacularly] GO OUT WITH A BANG
  • 119a [Short story prize won by Alice Munro and Alice Walker] O HENRY AWARD

So we build up to LEGO from the L, and back down the O, and each themer’s part of LEGO is a standalone word in its phrase; a big plus for me alongside just a plain colorful set of phrases.

Other highlights:

  • 26a [“How do you do, fellow kids?”] MAA. I love this clue-entry combination, which plays on a Steve Buscemi meme originally from the TV show “30 Rock” and subverts it through a different meaning of “kids.” I can just imagine goats talking to each other with skateboards pitched over their shoulders.
  • 56a [Union station?] CHAPEL. The misdirection is maybe a bit apparent, but is a nod to Evan’s Washington, DC audience, who know Union Station as the Amtrak hub in the city.
  • 57a [Team in the NHL’s Pacific Division] OILERS. The Oilers play in Edmonton, which I don’t think of as very “Pacific,” but teams in all sports are spread out so much in the Mountain and Pacific time zones that cities like Detroit and Nashville are in the NHL’s Western Conference.
  • 81a [Venues for A-list stand-up comedians] ARENAS. As comedians go, I’ve come to enjoy Taylor Tomlinson’s work; she has a few Netflix specials and a strong Instagram presence.
  • 72d [Childishly rude] SASSY. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen “childish” in a clue for SASS or SASSY before!
  • 105d [“The ____ Family” (BBC sitcom about a family living in Manchester, not Buckingham Palace as it may sound] ROYLE. I appreciate the homophone help here. I caught a bunch of BBC sitcoms growing up on PBS, but I’ve been less plugged in in the streaming age.

Adrian Johnson’s Universal crossword, “Themeless Sunday 12″—Darby’s write-up

I’m excited to be writing on Adrian’s Universal 15×15! I thought that this was a really fun themeless with plenty of great fill.

Marquee Answers

Adrian Johnson’s Universal crossword, “Themeless Sunday 12” solution for 10/2/2022

  • 13a [“Moves quickly”] MAKES HASTE
  • 17a [“‘Wait your turn!’”] ONE AT A TIME
  • 19a [“Seasoning for matzo ball soup”] KOSHER SALT
  • 51a [“‘Hold Up!’”] HANG ON A SEC
  • 59a [“Friendly Spanish farewell”] ADIOS AMIGO
  • 61a [“‘Isn’t it time for us to leave?’”] CAN WE GO NOW

I thought that these were all really fun, and I loved that they stacked three and three in the NW and SE corners. It’s always fun to hear vernacular phrases like CAN WE GO NOW and HANG ON A SEC in puzzles, and it was impressive to see these all so close together. 4d [“Seattle NFL player”] SEAHAWK, 59d [“Spicy North African condiment”] HARISSA, and 8d [“Sway like a Jenga tower”] TEETER cross all of the NE marquee answers, and 37d [“Tube for inflating a tire”] AIRHOSE, 42d [“Energetic sorts”] DYNAMOS, and 44d [“Cornell’s home”] ITHACA do the same in the SW. This is all to see that the fill was really fresh, despite the stacks.

Outside of those, I really enjoyed 36a [“Pitch heard but not seen”] RADIO AD, 43a [“Oversize prop for a sports fan”] FOAM FINGER (which, with 30d [“Tennessee NFL player”] TITAN felt especially appropriate with SEAHAWK on a football Sunday), and 25d [“‘Speaking of which…’”] ON THAT NOTE.

There was a great balance of ROTE recall and fun wordplay in this puzzle.

(Video) Sunday, October 2, 2022 A Protective Family

Taylor Johnson’s LA Times crossword, “Change the World” – answer grid

Sunday, October 2, 2022 | (8)

LA Times


What is celebrated on the 2 of October? ›

The International Day of Non-Violence is marked on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence.

What is the calendar for October 2022? ›

List of Holidays in october 2022
Date & MonthDayHoliday
October 09SundayMaharishi Valmiki Jayanti
October 13ThursdayKaraka Chaturthi (Karva Chauth)
October 24MondayNaraka Chaturdasi
October 24MondayDiwali/Deepavali
10 more rows

What will happen on October 3rd 2022? ›

National Unity Day – October 3, 2022.

Is October 3rd Special? ›

Why is October 3 the mean girls' day? The special day is recognized since it is mentioned in the movie during a scene where Lindsey Lohan's Cady is asked what day it is by her crush Aaron. She responds, "October 3."

Is October 2 a national day? ›


What day is October 2nd on 2022? ›

October 2, 2022: Day of the Week

October 2, 2022 was the 275th day of the year 2022 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 90 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Sunday. If you are trying to learn Japanese then this day of the week in Japanese is Nichiyōbi.

Are there any special days in October? ›

Throughout the month, there are plenty of seasonal October holidays leading up to Halloween, including Pumpkin Day, Black Cat Day, Candy Corn Day, and Trick-or-Treat Day.

How many Sundays are there in October? ›

As you can see there are 4 months in the year i.e. January, May, July, and October that has 5 Sundays.

Is Halloween early this year? ›

This year, Halloween is celebrated on Monday, October 31, 2022. Now that you know the date way in advance, start crafting those costumes, getting your recipes together and coming up with fun Halloween activities for kids and adults!

Is there national Boyfriend Day? ›

When is National Boyfriend Day 2022? National Boyfriend Day is celebrated on October 3 every year . Many also choose to celebrate National Girlfriend Day which is on August 1 annually.

Is Monday Oct 3 a holiday? ›

2022 Daily Holidays that fall on October 3, include:

Child Health Day - October 3, 2022 (First Monday in October) Day of Unity - October 3, 2022 (First Monday in October)

Is National Boyfriend Day a thing? ›

National Boyfriend Day (sometimes referred to as National Boyfriend's Day) on October 3rd recognizes the sweetheart in your life. Like special days for family members, this day dedicates attention to the boyfriends in our lives.

What National day is girlfriends day? ›


They selected September 20th for their celebration along with the publication of their book Girlfriends Getaway. However, two other claims to National Girlfriends Day on August 1st appear, too. The first is Mistress Susan at who started celebrating in 2003.

What day is National Relationship day? ›

August 18: National Couple's Day

Cherish the one you love on National Couple's Day. Dine out at your favorite restaurant, recreate one of your favorite dates, or simply honor one another by spending time together, just the two of you.

What is October 3rd boyfriend day? ›

National Boyfriend Day (sometimes referred to as National Boyfriend's Day) on October 3rd recognizes the sweetheart in your life. Like special days for family members, this day dedicates attention to the boyfriends in our lives.

Is October 2nd on a Sunday? ›

October 2: Day of the Week

October 2, 2022 was the 275th day of the year 2022 in the Gregorian calendar. There were 90 days remaining until the end of the year. The day of the week was Sunday.

What is October 2nd National Day TikTok? ›

"With a donation to support classrooms in need and the #SmartiesChallenge launch on TikTok, we commemorate National Smarties Day, 2022!"

What happened on October 2nd 2022? ›

Organisers confirmed today that the 2022 TCS London Marathon will take place on Sunday 2 October. This will be the third successive year that the London Marathon will be held in October rather than its traditional April date.

Why is October so special? ›

It is officially autumn, which means cozy apparel, your favorite chilly weather recipes, and beautiful foliage. October also is packed with food-centric holidays, such as National Dessert Day; creative celebrations, such as National Fine Art Appreciation Day; and more.

What important month is October? ›

October is best known for its Halloween festivities, but it's also a month loaded with national and global celebrations. In addition to spooky revelry, October's schedule includes multiple days on the topic of bullying awareness.

What is the first Sunday in October? ›

On the first Sunday in October, World Communion Sunday encourages those of the Christian faith to experience Holy Communion together. The day also demonstrates unity among various denominations in the church. Holy Communion is also known as Eucharist or the Lord's Supper.

Can a year have 53 Sundays? ›

A week has 7 days and total days are 366. ∴ Probability of leap year with 53 Sundays is 2/7.

Is there five Sundays in October? ›

It happens only once every 823 years! This popular urban myth has been circulating the internet for a while. However, it is precisely that: a myth. Busting the "5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, & 5 Sundays in 1 month" myth.

Has Halloween ever fell on a Sunday? ›

Halloween fell on a Sunday in 1982 and some cities agreed to move the trick-or-treat day to Oct. 30.

Is trick-or-treating on Saturday or Sunday? ›

National Trick or Treat Day on the last Saturday in October extends one of the country's favorite holidays – Halloween!

Is trick-or-treating on the 30th or 31st? ›

Trick-or-treating is a traditional Halloween custom for children and adults in some countries. During the evening of Halloween, on October 31, people in costumes travel from house to house, asking for treats with the phrase "trick or treat".

What is National kiss girlfriend day? ›

What's the difference between National Kissing Day and International Kissing Day? National Kissing Day is celebrated on June 22 and International Kissing Day is celebrated on July 6. Same idea, but different days.

What is October 3rd Tiktok? ›

However, aside from it being Mean Girls day, there is one specific reason for this emerging trend. October 3 also marks National Boyfriend Day. Back on August 1, many boyfriends were posting all about their girlfriends due to it being National Girlfriend day. This trend is all about returning the favor.

Is 3rd October 2022 a holiday? ›

October 3 (Monday): Durga Puja (Maha Ashtami)- Banks are closed in Tripura, Orissa, Sikkim, Manipur, Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, and Kerala.

Is Monday October 4 a holiday? ›

Today is National Poetry Day. We have 19 holidays listed for October 4.

Why is 3rd October a public holiday? ›

October 3rd – or Tag der Deutschen Einheit – marks the date that the former West and East Germany officially became one country again, after being divided since the end of WWII. In 2022 it's celebrated on a Monday, meaning many people will get a long weekend.

Is tomorrow national ex girlfriend day? ›

Yes, there's National Ex-Girlfriend Day, celebrated on August 2, right on the heels of the Girlfriend's Day celebration.
2 more rows
2 Aug 2021

What is National kiss your BF day? ›

Mini. National Kissing Day is celebrated on June 22 every year in the United States. The best way to express your love to your partner or a loved one is with a kiss.

How can u make ur bf happy? ›

  1. Compliment him. ...
  2. Tell him you appreciate what he does for you and your family. ...
  3. Make time for things to get hot in the bedroom. ...
  4. Be supportive of his alone time. ...
  5. Put down your phone. ...
  6. When you get something for yourself, get something for him, too. ...
  7. Look him in the eyes.

What day is crush day? ›

National Crush Day is September 27 world-wide.

Which is the most romantic month? ›

August is one of the most Romantic Months of the year, and while you may be wondering why, the answer is simple.

Is October 1st a GF day? ›

There's a National Girlfriends Day celebrated every year on August 1. It's not a holiday in the sense that you get the day off from work, though that would be nice.

Is October third Mean Girls day? ›

Since fans like this iconic scene where Cady crushes hard on Aaron, Oct. 3 is regarded as Mean Girls Day where the immortally memeable film is referenced. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the synopsis of the film is: “Teenage Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) was educated in Africa by her scientist parents.

Is there any special day today? ›

National Hug A Sheep Day – October 29, 2022.

Which number of month is October? ›

October, 10th month of the Gregorian calendar.

Is October 31st a bank holiday? ›

The October Bank Holiday, which is usually observed on the last Monday of October, is celebrated on October 31 this year.

What are the dates for fall 2022? ›

Dates for Fall from 2017 to 2027
YearFall starts onFall ends on
Fall 2021Wednesday, September 22, 2021Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Fall 2022Friday, September 23, 2022Wednesday, December 21, 2022
Fall 2023Saturday, September 23, 2023Friday, December 22, 2023
Fall 2024Sunday, September 22, 2024Saturday, December 21, 2024
8 more rows

What are the dates for autumn 2022? ›

This year autumn begins on 23 September 2022 and ends on 21 December 2022. The astronomical calendar determines the seasons due to the 23.5 degrees of tilt of the Earth's rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the Sun. Both equinoxes and solstices are related to the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

Why is October named? ›

In the ancient Roman calendar, October was the name of the eighth month of the year. Its name comes from octo, the Latin word for “eight.” When the Romans converted to a 12-month calendar, they tried to rename this month after various Roman emperors, but the name October stuck!

What October means? ›

It was initially the eighth month of the 10 month year. October is from the Latin octo, which means “eight”. The number “eight” is said to be a symbol of wealth, prosperity, peace and fertility. October is normally time of the year when farmers harvest their crops.

Why is October named October if it's not the eighth month? ›

Why Is October Not the Eighth Month? The meaning of October comes from the Latin word Octo meaning eight. The old Roman calendar started in March, so October was the eighth month. When the Roman senate changed the calendar in 153 BCE, the new year started in January, and October became the tenth month.

Is 3rd October 2022 a bank holiday? ›

The October bank holiday is Ireland's only Autumn holiday and falls on the last Monday of the month.

Is there a holiday in October 2022? ›

Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the United States, and Columbus Day 2022 falls on Monday, October 12, 2022. The holiday commemorates the discovery of the Americas by the explorer Christopher Columbus and is observed each year on the second Monday of the month.

Is there any bank holiday in October? ›

October 2 ( Sunday): Gandhi Jayanti- National holiday.

Is tomorrow the first day of fall? ›

The fall equinox arrives on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 9:04 P.M. EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. The equinox occurs at the same moment worldwide.

What month does fall begin in? ›

Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Denizens of the Northern Hemisphere, brace yourselves. The autumnal equinox, usually occurring on September 22 or 23, means fall is officially here.

How many days of fall are there? ›

On average, fall lasts for 89.8 days in the Northern Hemisphere and 92.8 days in the Southern Hemisphere. Average season lengths: March equinox to June solstice: 92.8 days. June solstice to September equinox: 93.6 days.

Is autumn and fall the same? ›

Autumn and fall are used interchangeably as words for the season between summer and winter. Both are used in American and British English, but fall occurs more often in American English. Autumn is considered the more formal name for the season.

What season is today? ›

The current season in the United States right now is Fall.

In 2022, these are the astronomical dates and times for the start of each season: Spring: Begins on March 20, at 3:33 P.M. and ends on June 21.

Is it autumn right now? ›

Using the astronomical date, autumn begins on Friday, September 23 this year. It ends on Wednesday, December 21, at which point the season changes to winer. The astronomical calendar determines the seasons due to the 23.5-degree tilt of the Earth's axis in relation to its orbit around the Sun.


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4. Sunday Gospel Reflections | October 2, 2022
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6. Church of Notre Dame Sunday Catholic Mass – October 2, 2022.
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