The Best Wooden Xylophone Toy On The market - Family Hype (2023)

Musical instruments can teach your children about hand-eye coordination and how to make a melody. Plus, your kid may have a natural talent, and by buying them just a xylophone, you can start to see their musical skills.

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Wooden Xylophone Toys

The wooden xylophone for kids is a toy that has been around a very long time. They’re made of wood at the base and have metal keys fitted on top. Children use wooden mallets to strike the metal keys which release different musical tones. These wooden toys are beneficial for your child, safe for them to use, and fun for all sorts of kids.

There are plenty of toy xylophones out in the market, but today, we will be looking at wooden xylophones. A wood xylophone today is much like they were decades ago. Not much has changed in this fun toy other than updates to safety standards. So, let’s take a look at what features you’ll want in a toy xylophone.

Best Wooden Xylophone Toy Features

Wood Materials

The first thing you should look for is its materials. Is this educational toy made of wood? If so, what quality of wood does it use? Some have a more rustic feel to them, while others may use more polished or artificial wood. It is a bit of a subjective one. The best wooden xylophone toy uses high-quality wood as a material for the body, musical keys, and wooden mallet.

You’ll want a top bright wooden xylophone for kids that has been sanded and polished so as not to allow for splintering. You’ll also want to make sure that if it’s painted in bright rainbow colors, it doesn’t have something harmful on it like lead paint. With today’s child safe concerns and regulations, you won’t have to worry about that with xylophones for kids you’ve purchased brand new, however, if you purchase one from a garage sale or used dealer, this is something you need to look into.


One of the essential things to look for in a percussion instrument is its sound, especially when it comes to percussion instruments your toddler is going to be using for sensory development for a long time. It must sound pleasant and lovely whenever your child learn music and play music. The best wooden xylophone toy has a good sound quality, which sharp ears can easily determine. Some are loud, and others have a softer sound. It’s another one that is a bit subjective and which one you want can depend on what you are looking for.

Typically, a wood xylophone for kids isn’t going to be perfectly tuned. But, if you have a sensitive ear for things like that, you can certainly look into getting a music toy that is. An example of a toy xylophone for kids that is perfectly tuned is the Aniyoo Xylophone for Kids. This great toy has a wooden base, eight keys, and comes with two wooden mallets.


Here’s one that’s a bit more objective. You’ll want a xylophone that is made from high quality material and designed to handle everything your kid throws at it. You don’t want one where the keys can easily break off, now do you?

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Age Range

Some xylophones are meant for toddlers to sing along songs with. It can be a fun tool for a toddler’s language skills and gross motor skills development. Xylophones for kids can help them with developing their fine motor skills, something that is critical for toddlers. These may include other bells and whistles to keep the toddler entertained. Others are regular xylophones that are meant for older children who may be interested in learning music or exploring their talents. The best wooden xylophone toy differs for each age group, as they have varying stages of maturity and learning ability. Definitely make sure you’re choosing the right xylophone musical toy for the age of child it’s for.


If your xylophone suits toddlers or young children, make sure the xylophone is suitable for their safety. There are plenty of child safe regulations that will keep new kids xylophone toys within safety standards. The classic xylophone wooden musical toys you might find used won’t have been manufactured under those same standards. Make sure these don’t have any sharp edges, choking parts, or toxic paints. Instead, it should be designed for a toddler’s delicate sensibilities. It’s something you want to make sure of before you buy, as a xylophone that is not safe for toddlers can spell disaster.

Wooden Xylophone Toys To Check Out

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Xylophone

This xylophone is meant for a toddler, giving you a xylophone and a fun little game involving hitting balls with a hammer. The balls then roll-out, keeping your toddler entertained. The xylophone is entertaining enough on its own, and because it’s wooden, it sounds great, and it’s built for a toddler’s roughhousing.

The Hape Pound & Tap Xylophone for toddlers gives your child a safe musical toy, but also a fun, and entertaining game. It’s painted with bright colors that match the metal keys of the xylophone musical toy portion. It comes with a wooden hammer for playing with the music instrument and for whacking the balls down. This makes a great birthday gift for a toddler and can be purchased in either yellow or red. Read more reviews here:

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Boseno Wooden Glockenspiel With Maracas

As the name implies, not only does this come with a xylophone, but it has a pair of maracas as well, allowing your toddler to shake them and play along with another child. This set has plenty of stuff, including a music book to help teach your little one how to play an actual song. It has an extra pair of beaters, too, meaning that you can worry less about your kid losing them.

The Boseno xylophone for kids comes the wood xylophone that has 8 brightly colored metal keys, 2 sets of wooden mallets, a set of maracas, and the toddler music book. It’s set on wheels so your little one can tow it around, too. Toys that are fashioned after musical instruments like this are perfect for helping with the fine motor skills of a toddler. And, these are child safe toys you can feel good about your kids playing with.

HappyFishes Kids Xylophone With Music Cards

It’s a great xylophone for a younger child. It has a storage bag for the little traveling musician, and it comes with music cards. These cards are color-coded and help your kid learn how to play songs and eventually make their original music. It’s great for a budding musician.

This musical toy xylophone also comes with a harmonica. So, your child can get two musical instruments in one gift. The music cards are a great introduction to sheet music, as the clef, staff, and notes show there like they would on music sheets, just in a kid-friendly manner. The painted wooden mallets have cute little bears on the ends for kids to hold on to. It’s one of the best xylophones in its simplicity.

Giantex Kids Glockenspiel With Practice Pad

It is another kit that is good for a child who is learning about the xylophone. Particularly, an older child who wants to be able to grow as a musician. It’s a set that is constructed from wood and aluminum, giving it a professional vibe that your child is going to love. It’s a set that has its stand to make your kid feel like they are playing at a concert. It has much more range than other instruments, and it sounds great for both the child and parent, which is always important.

This is the first xylophone for kids on our list that’s more of an actual musical instrument. It has 30 metal keys, comes with a music stand that can hold sheet music, and has a drummer’s practice pad with drumsticks. Musical toys like this one are still child safe, just not for toddlers. This kind of wood xylophone toy could inspire your kiddo to want to learn how to play even more musical instruments.

Plus, it has a carrying case, making it great for a traveling child on the go. We say to try it out. It’s one of the best-looking instruments, in our opinion, as it combines wood and a modern finish. It’s so good, and even some adults will want to jam out on it. Buy this for your kid and see what a difference it makes.

ProKussion Professional Kids Soprano Glockenspiel

Finally, we have this big boy. It’s a great instrument for older kids and up. The whole family can enjoy it and play some killer tunes with it. Its frame is wooden and its keys are removable and made from metal. The metal keys are colored white and black like those of a piano. You’ll be surprised by how nice this sounds, even if you have a kid who is banging on it.This is a music instrument that is still in the category of child safe wooden toys.

Now, with its removable keys, you may worry about losing them. All it takes is for a forgettable kid to lose them, or for your cat to swat them into another dimension. However, you can replace the keys for free within a year of purchase, which is some killer peace of mind if we do say so ourselves. A xylophone for kids shouldn’t cause you to stress and this manufacturer knows it.

It’s built to last a long time, and it goes head to head with the previous one for best xylophone for older kids and up.

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If you’re looking for wooden xylophone toys, there are quite a few to choose from. What makes these special is that there is one for every single age range. There are some for toddlers that include fun games and simple, color-coded cards to teach them how to play certain songs. Then, other xylophones come with a bunch of other stuff, including metal keys and the ability for you to replace the keys should they be lost. A xylophone for kids is a musical toy that keeps your child safe while giving him exposure to musical instruments and notes. These are wooden toys that make great gifts for many children.

Pick the best xylophone for your situation and play it with your kids!

FAQs – Best Wooden Xylophone Toy

What is the best xylophone?

Stagg XYLO-SET 37-Key Xylophone ranks as the first and best xylophone in the market. It is considered unique for its rosewood 37-keys with a wide range and scales. It produces a warm tone with the help of its 3 octaves and the A=442 Hz range. This one is more of a musical instrument rather than a xylophone for kids to play with. You can also find more great options here in

What is the difference between a xylophone and a glockenspiel?

Despite both belonging in the same family, the percussion family, they differ in the material of their bars, origin, and octave. Xylophone, of African descent, uses wood bars, while glockenspiel, of German’s, uses steel. Between the two, xylophone has a higher pitch.

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What is a big xylophone called?

Marimba is a big xylophone. It has wood or plastic resonators connected to wooden keys. It typically has a low, mellow, and rounded sound. A marimba is a musical instrument in the percussion family. When you see this music instrument on stage, you’ll notice the pipes that hang underneath the xylophone.

What is the difference between a marimba and a xylophone?

Their materials are usually of the same kind. They differ in uses and octaves. Xylophones are typically used in the orchestra, while marimba is a stand-alone instrument. Xylophones have a range of 2 ½ – 4 octaves, while the latter has a 3-5 octave range.

Is there another name for xylophone?

Xylophones are also called a carillon. They have a series of wood bars accompanied and played with small mallets.

What kind of wood is used in a xylophone?

Cedarwoods is the material used in making a xylophone. They are dense and hard enough to produce that unique sound that xylophones produce! Rosewood is also used but is more traditional. A xylophone for kids may be made from other wood, though. It will usually still have the metal keys but the bright colors will make it look more like a toy and less like a musical instrument.

How does a wooden xylophone work?

Xylophones with wooden bars are usually played with hard rubber, acrylic mallets. For varied effects, a range of soft to very hard mallets struck the bars of a wooden xylophone. Lighter sounds are produced with the use of wood-headed hammers.

When the mallet hits the metal keys, the metal vibrates and produces a resonating sound much like the sound a bell makes. The metal keys are cut to different lengths to produce different tones.

Is every kid’s xylophone wooden?

A xylophone for kids is usually made of wood with metal keys. These are the best xylophones for kids. However, sometimes you’ll find a xylophone for kids that’s made of plastic. It’ll still be fun for them to play with, it just won’t be quite as high of quality or as much like real musical instruments as the wooden ones are.

Do children like to play with musical instruments?

Children love to play with musical instruments. And why wouldn’t they. They get to make different sounds, sing along, and they play them with you or their friends. Having a xylophone with metal keys to bang on is one way to get your child interested in a musical instrument. And playing them develops motor skills and creativity.

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Are there mental benefits to children playing a musical instrument?

There are so many benefits for children getting into musical instruments and other types of arts. If your child plays with a toy xylophone where they have to connect the mallet with the metal keys in order to produce the sounds, you’ll see them start to develop better hand-eye coordination, better focus, and maybe an appreciation for music all around.

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